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I am a licensed Broker in Colorado. After nearly 20 years as a corporate broker in Nevada, I finally relinquished that role in 2014. I have been in the commercial real estate business since 1987. I do not sell houses. I have an extensive network of associates throughout the U.S. to help with any particular needs.

My focus is on NNN investment properties, commercial and industrial buildings. I do leasing for select clients but I have better tenant rep associates for most of that business. I do not do any business brokerage as it tends to be a more specialized segment and I have good business brokers that can assist you if needed.

Most of my value to my clients is being able to find investments that are not listed. I work discretely with both buyers and sellers to find transactions that meet the requirements.

If you are thinking of selling your commercial real estate, call me. I don’t necessarily want your listing. I just want to know that you will sell it in case I have a buyer that needs what you have. I like it in my pocket.

If you are thinking of buying an asset, let’s chat. I am happy to help walk though your decision process.

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